Simon Kern, Patrick Gräßer, Klas Meyer, Nicolai Zientek, Andrea Paul, Michael Maiwald: “Field integration of benchtop NMR instruments for online monitoring and process control of a modular industrial reaction step“ (Poster) – 2nd Poster Prize!

Klas Meyer took home the second poster prize from 4th Process Applications of NMR in Industry Conference (PANIC 2016 – 16–19.02.2016) Houston, TX, USA (CONSENS team from left: Simon Kern, Klas Meyer, Michael Maiwald, Svetlana Guhl, Patrick Gräßer, all BAM (Photo: BAM))

In February 2016, NMR spectroscopists and scientists from around the globe convened in Houston, TX, USA for the 4th Annual Practical Applications of NMR in Industry Conference (PANIC). The latest developments in the use of NMR for problem solving in industry were presented and discussed among a diverse group of attendees that included regulatory, industrial, government, and academic experts.

​The four-day event included sessions on a variety of topics, such as Forensics, Data Processing and Analysis Tools, Polymers, Pharmaceuticals, Structure Elucidation/Complex Mixtures, Petroleum and Petrochemistry, Food and Agriculture, Plant Production/Problem Solving, Solids/DNP, and Low-Field/Benchtop.