CONSENS meeting at Hannovermesse: Svetlana Klessova (INNO) meets Michael Maiwald (BAM) at Hannovermesse where the first fully functioning NMR sensor prototype was presented (Photo: BAM)

CONSENS partner BAM presented the first functioning prototype of its online NMR analyser module, which was developed in CONSENS. Hannover Fair Hannovermesse, Hannover, Germany) is the world’s leading trade show for industrial technology with 200.000 attendees.

BAM’s development and validation of this portable online NMR spectrometer supports their mission of enabling “Safety in Technology and Chemistry” and contributes to the development of innovative solutions for smart manufacturing, including public safety and personalized analytics.

As part of its activities in the field of process analysis, BAM develops robust and easy to use analytical methods and devices for quantitative measurements of chemical parameters in the lab and the field. In sensor technology, for example, BAM is developing lab-on-chip systems, portable sensors and test strips for day-to-day analytics.

BAM’s aim is to develop and standardize measurement technologies in cooperation with research and industry partners; test and evaluate standards; and leverage concepts of data fusion for sensors, model based controls and the use of cloud architecture in virtual environments.