The P&G BIC (Brussels Innovation Center) consists of the key functions for holistic product innovation for Fabric and Home Care products as described earlier. This contains technology development, consumer understanding, product design, package design, process design, industrial and brand design as well as engineering.

With the recent global R&D reorganization, BIC remains 1 of the 3 Mega Innovation Hubs in Europe. The mega-hubs contain and build all the elements necessary for innovation on existing and new products. In this context, the site has an agreed investment of $21 million through the BIC 2015 Masterplan to optimize the R&D workspaces and to rationalize and improve the pilot plant operations and the laundry facilities. Overall, the yearly investment is about $100 million for the site. Over the past few years, this has grown between 0-5% depending on the growth of individual businesses, technical capabilities and franchises.

Our strategy is to build and strengthen the innovation productivity of the hub by improving and developing stronger and larger businesses. Overall, this could include that some business or R&D efforts could decrease over time, but we would like to overcompensate this with growing activities at improved productivity. Recent examples are the growth of the unit dose laundry and dish detergents and Air Care businesses as examples of areas of growth. The generation and exploration of new ideas in feasibility studies is crucial to fuel the innovation hub and identify new businesses.



Contact: Francesc Corominas, Principal Engineer