The activities of atlan-tec span from Process Analysis and Advanced Process Control to Operator Training Simulators and the data management associated with this job. In the last years atlan-tec has done a lot of work to standardize APC projects and to optimize the necessary data preprocessing. atlan-tec is the leading author of the new standard VDI3509 about the application of Advanced Process Control in power plants. In Europe there is no other company than atlan-tec with more practical experience in the application of advanced process control. More than 1400 licenses of NeuroModel and GenOpt are distributed in the European industry. The solutions of atlan-tec are implemented in companies like Air Liquide, BASF, Vattenfall, Goro Nickel, Outotec (Outokumpu Technologies) etc.. atlan-tec is the partner of the SKZ in Würzburg collaborating in the development of solutions in Extrusion and Shaping Technologies for Polymers.





Thomas Froese, Received a Dipl.-Ing. Degree in Chemical Engineering in 1989. After his study he was Application Specialist in Foxboro, an American Automation Company and has done a lot of important projects to optimize big plants for the Erdölchemie and the BASF. After 1994 he has bought shares of the atlan-tec company and changed the automation business to the optimization business. He is the leader of the Big Data Standardisation commitee FA7.24 of the VDI and member of some other standardization commitees of the VDI/GMA.